Pizza Mia, Miramar, Goa

October Is National Pizza Month, (Ya, it is I am not kidding) so I thought of putting a blog on Pizza. According to a fact, In America, 350 slices of pizza are sold every second. (That’s humungous) India is also rising up the ladder. Most of the youngsters are willing to try new in their cuisine.

Read this blog if you want to try some other Pizza joints apart from conventional giants like Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

A small, shady places approx. 800 meters from Miramar Beach, Pizza Mia is opened some 40 days ago.  Only 5-7 tables for serving the dishes. But Hello, Don’t judge them on their scale.


They serves one of the Best New York Style Pizzas in entire Goa.  The crust, Topping and the layer were just perfect. If you’re confused with your two favorite flavors you can combine them in a once single pizza (Certainly this you will not get in Domino’s/Pizza Hut). You can order your pizza in three sizes. (11/13/15) inches.

What I Tried?

  1. Buffalo Mozzarella With Basil

1.	Buffalo Mozzarella With Basil

Hero on the table for me. Crust and flawless flavors were amazing. Perfectly complimented with the special “Mia Oil”.

  1. Garden Pizza

Stuffed with Mushrooms, Bell papers, cheese etc. A decent one to try.


You can complement your Pizzas with their famous Sangria( Spanish drink with wine and some chopped fruits). They have some varieties for Non Alcoholic Beverages is well (Soda Pop, mock tails etc.)


Apart from the Pizzas they also serves healthy salads, Gelatos (Italian Version of Conventional Ice cream), Cheese sticks etc.

So a great place to visit and even for a date, too.

               “(Eat Pizzas, Drink Beer and Explore Miramar)” 

Though I found the pizzas great they should include more varieties in their menu. Currently they have 9-10 varieties (3 for veg, 6 for Non veg).


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  1. sunder says:

    Hello there! Thanks for your wonderful review!! — just want to clarify that our pizza sizes are 13″ / 16″ / 18″ …. (FYI Domino’s largest pizza is 12″). Also, you don’t have to order one of our custom pizzas, and can make any pizza you like by combining your selection from the ingredients that we have on offer! Please come again soon!!


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